Perfect 12 Introductions is a premier matchmaking service dedicated to helping highly desirable individuals find love. Located in Los Angeles, Perfect 12 helps connect people all over the globe. Learn why you should consider finding love through Perfect 12 instead of the other matchmaking apps out there.

Hands-On Approach

Founder and CEO of Perfect 12, Simona Fusco, limits the amount of clients she accepts every year. The exclusive list of clientele ensures that Simona has time to give each client personalized attention. Simona takes a hands-on approach with her clients. She will take the time to learn exactly what you want in a partner and what type of lifestyle fits your schedule. This improves the chances of setting you up with a successful match.

Experienced and Dedicated Matchmaker

Simona Fusco became a professional matchmaker after her own long-term relationship ended in dissolution. She wanted to put herself back out there. Unfortunately, she noticed that many of the services were lacking in quality. Therefore, Simona went on to learn everything she could about the industry to improve on what she saw as a severely lacking industry.

Vetted Clients

One of the most significant issues with other matchmaking services is that they do not do background checks on the individuals who use their site. As a result of the fact that Perfect 12 takes the time to investigate each and every potential client thoroughly, you can have confidence that you will not be paired with someone who has a criminal history.


As part of the matchmaking process, you will need to complete a profile. Keep in mind that your profile is completely private. It’s not available for anyone to access online. However, you will be given a password to access it when you want to update it.

The profile is your potential mate’s first impression of you. One of the most important aspects of your profile will be your photographs. You are to upload at least three pictures to your profile. One picture should be a headshot. One picture should be a full-body shot. The third picture is whatever you want it to be.

Dating Coaching

You may have a lot of positive qualities but some trouble in the dating scene. For example, if you were in a long-term relationship previously, you may be a little rusty when on a date. Our coaches can give you advice on how to conduct yourself and what to say during your first date.

Successful Love Stories

Perfect 12 Introductions has an impressive 90% success rate. We are also the only matchmaking service to win the Global Excellence Award by the Mayor of Los Angeles. We’ve matched a wide range of clients, including actors, athletes, and businessmen, to find the perfect match. Just check out our testimonials on the website to learn about all of the happy couples we’ve helped bring together. We’re sure to find the right match for you, too!

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