Toddlers are like little explorers that like to learn on what they do. Playing allows them to practice and develop skills at their own pace. Your child’s toys need to be available to shape their development in the best ways. It seems that choosing 1 year old toys is easy, and sometimes that being easy is overwhelming. There is a variety of toys that are developed for toddlers. But how can you able to choose the best for them? These are the tips that will help you to choose toys that they need to nurture and challenge them to develop.

Toys to use in different ways

You have to expect that toddlers like to pull in, put everything together, and build up. You have to choose open-ended toys where they can play different games. By buying wooden blocks or interlocking blocks, they can make a spaceship or a road. These are the type of toys that helps them with their imagination and their logical thinking.

Use toys that grow with them

You might get to experience buying them a toy, and they will only play with them for a few days and forgets it. You can look for toys that are fun in different developmental stages. You can buy plastic animals for a young toddler, making it a shoebox house. The older toddler can play with them and act like a story they made up.

Choose toys to help them explore and solve

Playing gives them the chance to practice their skills. Toys allow them to try something on their own. They can build their logical thinking and help them know how to solve problems. Using these toys helps them develop spatial, motor, and hand-eye coordination skills.

Find toys that can use their imagination.

While they are young, their creativity is where they can try different roles. Imagine things that are something else. You must find toys that help them develop and use them in their made-up stories. When they pretend to play, it helps them build literary skills, sequence, and language.

Give them real stuffed toys.

Your children like to figure out how the objects work, like the light switches or remotes. They want to play with stuff like your smartphone because they like to try things. Buying them toys will help them to learn at an early stage in life.

Buy them reading toys.

Magnetic alphabet letters, art supplies, and books can help them read and write early. You can give them real-life props, magazines, or menus to be fun. They can play with them to make them familiarize themselves with print, letters, and text.

It would help if you bought suitable toys for your children considering their age. You must ensure that the toys you buy are not only developmentally but safe for them to play with.