Customers who like to create their own lasting bouquets from cut flowers will find it much simpler to do so with the assistance of these beautiful blooms, which were made just for this purpose. These wood flowers are crafted from a variety of different types of wood, not simply white wood. The flowers that come from the Luv Sola plant can be arranged in an infinite variety of ways to create beautiful bouquets. It is common knowledge that the flowers sold by Luv Sola are crafted with an exceptional level of artistic skill.

Your mind immediately goes to a few different places, as you may have anticipated. If they are available, are you able to color them for me? Do you produce them in large quantities, or do you make each one by hand, one at a time? What exactly is a Luv Sola flower consist of? However, before we get into it, let’s first talk about what a Luv Sola flower is and why you might want to purchase one.

Could You Tell Me About the Many Types of Wood That Go Into Making Wooden Flowers?

The Aeschynomene species shola plant is responsible for producing the beautiful sola flower. It is commonly utilized in sculptures and several other types of art due to the material’s white color and cork-like consistency. This shrub has been meticulously sculpted to produce all of the white blossoms that can be seen on it. In spite of the fact that the flower has been cleaned and carved, it can still be used for a wide range of different functions.

Due to the fact that the structure of this plant is similar to that of cork, it is frequently utilized in sculptures and other types of art. Its malleability and similarity to cork make it an excellent material for handmade artwork such as flower arrangements due to the fact that it resembles cork. The plants that produce our flowers are all of the same species, and they all begin life with brilliant white color.

All of our flowers come from this one bush, and we pick them every year. Because we spend so much care into carving each flower, you may have peace of mind knowing that the memories you create with them will endure a lifetime. After the flower has been cleaned, carved, and painted, there is still a great deal more that can be accomplished with it.

The Issue That Needs to Be Answered is, “Can You Dye Them?”

After a flower has been carved, applying a color scheme of your choice is a step that can be accomplished quickly and with little effort. You won’t have any trouble incorporating a wide range of different tones. Because of their versatility, paint and fabric dye should not present too much of a challenge when it comes to allowing you to create the floral arrangement of your dreams. On the Luv Sola website, you’ll be able to watch a fantastic film that includes further information.

One of the many reasons why wood flowers are so popular is that they are versatile and permit the creation of one-of-a-kind color combinations. However, this is just one of many reasons. You are able to devise plans for your home that will cater to all of your requirements in perpetuity. This is a wonderful new alternative for those who arrange events as well as flower shops. When it comes to flower arranging, one’s talents reach a new level when they are able to produce a spectrum of color patterns that are maintained for a significant amount of time.

A flower arrangement or another type of handmade piece could be enhanced significantly by the addition of colored wood flowers. You might make something instead of buying anything pre-made to give to loved ones or to utilize yourself throughout the year as an alternative to shopping for them. Working with them is a breeze, and they have a user-friendly website and social media profiles that are wonderful resources for finding new ideas and sources of inspiration.

What Percentage of the Process is Performed Manually?

Each flower in our Luv Sola wood collection features a cork that has been carefully sculpted from the bark of the Shola plant into the ideal form. The blossoms are protected from deterioration by being stained and varnished. Flowers may be found in a wide variety of forms and dimensions, and here at Luv Sola, we produce them using an extensive collection of different flower designs. We will then be able to assist you in creating the ideal bouquet or flower arrangement by making use of those particular blossoms.

Not only are the flowers sold by Luv Sola handcrafted, but they are also non-toxic and manufactured from materials that break down naturally. They do not in any way compete with the native flora, and they maintain their beauty for a significantly longer period of time compared to conventional flowers, which contributes to the great demand for them. Because freshly cut flowers only have a short amount of time before they begin to wilt and pass away, many people find them to be less desirable than artificial or handmade alternatives. When you come to Luv Sola, we will do all in our power to assist you in creating the most beautiful bouquet or arrangement possible by providing a wide variety of floral options and designs from which to choose. This is done to guarantee that you will receive service of the best possible quality.

In comparison to a bouquet of flowers, eco-friendly flower arrangements are far simpler to maintain and provide a more enduring image that will be lovingly recalled for many years to come when combined with artificial or dried foliage. It is possible to carve and paint Luv Sola flowers, which are handmade, favorable to the environment, and disposable, in order to create a bouquet that will be absolutely unforgettable. As a direct consequence of this activity, a bouquet will be crafted. It is possible that by using some filler components and foliage in your bouquet or arrangement, you will be able to help tie everything together and make it genuinely memorable for the person in your life who is the most important to you.

Putting in a Request For Service With Luv Sola Flowers

If this is your first time visiting the site, you might find the sheer quantity of available configuration options to be overwhelming and confusing. If you are having trouble deciding exactly what it is that you want, purchasing a sampler pack may be a wonderful choice for you. If you have never worked with wooden flowers before, you can use this as a means to “test the waters” before diving into the project.

You are responsible for deciding whether or not to include stems; nonetheless, in the event that you are doubtful, it is recommended that you include them. If you do this, you will ensure that they are available at all times.


You may carve and color Luv Sola flowers to make a bouquet that will be remembered for all time. These flowers are handcrafted, so they are safe for the environment, and they are disposable. The inclusion of foliage and other elements that serve as filler can assist you in tying the bouquet or arrangement together, transforming it into something that is truly unique for the recipient. We encourage you to go to right away if you are seeking an easy way to get a stunning arrangement that was created with flowers that were cultivated in a manner that was kind to the environment.