A shoe is made to suit every runner’s need, be it running high mileage, medium, or low. Just like there is a shoe for every runner, there is a shoe for every foot. However, choosing the right pair from various options can be intimidating. This guide can help. 

Which surface are you planning to run on?

If you are planning to conduct most of your training on pavements, then you should consider road shoes. These shoes provide more cushioning than trail or lightweight race shoes apart from shock absorption to reduce your risk of injury. You can also proceed with  Nike Waffle Blue Void.   


If muddy trails make up your running surface, you should try trail shoes with a deep tread as it offers better grip and ankle support, making them vital for running on uneven terrain. However, these shoes are not the right choice for pavements as the studs will press into the soles of your feet and wear more quickly than it needs to be.

Are insoles a part of your normal wear?

It is essential to consider if you wear them all the time as they significantly alter the fit and feel of your footwear. If you have never tried insoles before, you should consider wearing them now. 

With the help of an insole, you can personalize the fit to your foot and ensure that you get more comfortable in the heel, arch, and across the ball of your foot. Additionally, insoles can help eliminate blisters, slipping, shin splints, and hot spots. 

What kinds of socks are you wearing?

The thickness of a sock has a significant impact on the fit and feel of a shoe, particularly since your feet tend to expand in the heat. Therefore, always wear the socks you plan to run in while going for a shoe fitting. 

For running purposes, always consider a good, technical running sock designed explicitly with more arch support and padding across the ball of the foot, toes, and heel as it provides better protection.

Does the brand really matter?

A running shoe must always be about function, not fashion. Therefore, one should not get influenced or tempted by the latest trends or brands. Remember, they are only famous for a temporary period. 

Brand matters only if you get the proper comfort, fit, and functionality as per your needs and preferences. Since each brand fits in a slightly different manner, it is best to check the size charts of each one of them before proceeding with the purchase.


One cannot compromise on features when purchasing Nike Waffle Blue Void; this is where the tips mentioned above can help.