Do you wish to keep your newly bought insoles for as long as possible? It is for sure a smart move to practice sustainability. 


Insoles and foot supports are a great source of hygiene for your shoes. They help in absorbing the moisture that accumulates on foot all day long. There are instances where you feel like your shoes feel a little warm and damp after a day’s work. It is the exact moisture that is absorbed by the insoles effectively. 


Insoles protect your shoes in this way from the inside out since the inner sole doesn’t develop moisture. The drying process can be more effective if you equip your shoes with a shoe tree and later keep them dry in the evening. Shoe shapers comprising absorbent materials help in absorbing excessive moisture from the inner lining.


Here’s how you can care for your insoles in Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 low mocha:


1 – Airing is caring

It is indeed one of the most important steps when dealing with insoles. So, take the insoles out of your shoes every evening if worn throughout the day. Ensure that they remain dry and release the excess moisture accumulated daily. If there is an activated carbon filter in your insoles, it can regenerate during the drying process.


2 – Change frequently

The second tip goes subsequently with the first tip. If you want your soles to dry in the best possible way, it is better to alternately wear two pairs. 


It allows one pair to rest for the day while simultaneously giving the other pair more comfort and hygiene to the wearer’s feet. You can also apply this tip to your shoes. They must have a minimum one-day break after wearing. Therefore, it’s good to have fewer options in your shoe cabinet. 


3 – Washable insoles

Washable insoles, especially terry cloth ones, can be hand washed using a mild cleanser. Start by moistening the insoles, taking some detergent, and applying it to the area. After that, massage the region using your fingers. Once completed, rinse off the foam, and you have a new pair of soles again.


4 – Clean leather insoles

One effective option to clean your leather soles is using a sandal cleaner. The mild foam resulting from this cleaner helps eliminate dirt from the insoles of sandals, slippers, and clogs. Many reputed cleaners are biodegradable and free from solvents if you plan to take the eco-friendly route.


However, it is hard to say how long your insoles will last, depending on several factors. It includes the distance you walk with them, how much sweat your feet develop while you wear the kicks, and how frequently you clean them. 


In case the leather appears to curl, or if you notice the upper material wearing off, experts say you should replace them. 




Insoles are an essential part of your footwear. The insoles of Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 soft mocha help absorb the excess moisture that your feet develop. Therefore, it is essential to care for them using the aforementioned tips.