If you’re planning to propose your partner with a unique ring, then make your own engagement ring from a trusted jeweller, celebrated for creating bespoke jewelleries at standard prices. The internet will cater to you with hundreds of online jewellers capable of designing 100% customised ornaments by placing the diamonds, rubies, emeralds, amethyst, peals etc. of gold, platinum, silver or tungsten bands. 

First-timers might find it a little complicated to place an order for personalised jewellery whether in a retail store or an online store. If you confront similar complications, read the following pointers showcasing some tips to placing an order or a customised engagement ring—

  • Read the reviews of the previous customers to know whether the jeweller is trusted to create a bespoke engagement ring for you or not. The higher ratings will drive you to shortlist a couple of of-ranking ecommerce jewellers. You can take a close look at the services they offer along with the ready-made rings, earrings, necklaces, chains and other ornaments they have to showcase.  
  • You can also request your chosen jeweller to show you a few samples of customised jewellery they designed and manufactured for their clients before you ask them to create you a bespoke engagement ring.  
  • When you are planning to create your own engagement ring, then you can either draw the design or can seek their suggestions in making it to make your beloved feel more special when you kneel in front of them for confessing your proposal. 
  • The jewellers, reputed for creating bespoke jewelleries will never deprive you. Rather they will always be ready to offer you a quick and convincing ring idea that you would agree to have.

Have a word with your friend if you seek a reference for a jeweller reputed for manufacturing customisable jewelleries. Finally, you must receive the diamond certificate and Hallmark gold certificate, while purchasing the customised engagement ring.