After the fun summer season, the weather becomes dull, and the rains soon begin. You shopped for the best and brightest clothes during summer, and now it is time to prepare for the rainy season. As your kid goes to school or spends time around the house, it is crucial to ensure they have the right gear to protect them from the cold. The following are essential items you should buy for your kid.

  • A Long Raincoat

This is probably the essential thing you must buy for your kid. The child needs something that will cover them from head to toe. Therefore, ensure you get them a long raincoat. If you think they will not like it, get them a standard-size raincoat and waterproof pants. This way, you are sure the rain will not get at them.

  • A Waterproof Backpack

It is also thoughtful to get them a waterproof backpack. Don’t expect the kid to follow the road without jumping in a puddle of water. Kids can get messy, and the rain can catch up with them on the road. Therefore, a waterproof backpack is an excellent choice to ensure their books and stationery don’t drench in the bag. You can also add a rain cover to protect the bag.

  • An Umbrella

This is another additional item you need to buy. The raincoat will help keep the rain out, but if you want it to be more effective, add an umbrella on top. It provides extra cover and keeps the rain drops further away from the kid. Your child may also not get their raincoat on time. Therefore, the umbrella will come in handy.

  • A Pair of Rain Boots

Your child will get all messy and love to walk on every puddle along the way. The canvas shoes you bought during summer will not do the job. Therefore, you need to get them waterproof boots to ensure they don’t soak in the water. Get rubber rain boats to help your kid enjoy going outside and relieve you of the burden of having to clean their shoes often.

  • A Warm Hoodie

As you buy items to keep the kid dry, don’t forget they should be warm too. Rains make the weather chilly, and if you don’t keep the child warm, they can easily catch a cold. So, buy a warm hoodie for an extra layer. They can wear the hoodie under the rain jacket to stay warm. Additionally, buy a scarf and a pair of cotton gloves.

Bonus Point!

When buying rain gear for your child, ensure you select a water-resistant fabric. You can go for nylon and polyester for the raincoat and rubber for the rain boots. Make sure you also pick durable materials so you don’t have to go shopping sooner than planned. Buy the items from a reputable kids’ items store. Mixing colors and ensuring they are bright is also a good idea. Even better, let the kid choose what they like. That way will be better to ensure you don’t buy something they will not wear.