Hair salons are some of the most flourishing businesses of all time. Over the span of decades, there have been numerous trends and styles in the designs of these salons, some of which changed peoples’ perspective of investing in the industry. Now there must be thousands of architectural ideas when it comes to designing a hair salon, but what’s significant to note is that when you plan on designing, you must plan according to the available space. If you are facing certain limitations with regards to the size or the space of your hair salon, here are a few ideas that you can implement to maximize utilization of space. 

  • Hidden storage

This is the most commonly used trick for utilizing space. Storing the equipment necessary for your salon can be an issue, if you have a smaller space. So, building hidden storage where you can stack up all the items can be a good way to save on space. For this purpose, you can make use of hidden shelves, cupboards, hidden cabinets etc. With the intention of storing things in a discreet manner, you can get innovative yourself. 

  • Using mirrors

It’s interesting how mirrors work. Placing a large piece of mirror on a wall can add dimension to any space. What this means is that mirrors can actually make a room look bigger than it actually is. You can use this trick to make creative use of your hair salon, especially if you have a narrow layout or fewer windows. Mirrors, therefore, can work as great tools for utilizing space.

  • Making use of blank walls

Nobody likes staring at blank walls. So, the best way to utilize the space in your salon is by placing some pictures, paintings or wall art, on the walls of the salon. No matter how minimalistic the paintings or the art is, it will always give your salon an aesthetic look. 

  • Using plants as partition

This is perhaps the best way of utilizing space in a hair salon. You can make use of this trick if you have several stylists and customers sharing the same floor. So, in order to create an illusionary or apparent division, you can make use of plants. This can also improve the acoustics.


Since the hair salon industry is subject to many trends, you must also keep some area for future changes. Lanvain boasts some of the most popular architectural ideas when it comes to designing hair salons.