People are constantly looking to make their proposals as unique as possible. Thanks to technology and other factors, they seem to be getting whackier and wilder. 

So, if you want to take your proposal to new heights, what can you do? If you want to give your partner a thrill when you propose, perhaps you should do it on a roller coaster? 

Keep reading for everything you need to know to propose to your partner on a roller coaster. 

  1. Get the Right Ring

There are beautiful rings, there are hideous rings, but there is no such thing as a perfect ring. There is, however, the right ring for your partner. This could be a certain stone, cut, and design that is the right fit for your partner’s finger. 

Even though the perfect ring may not exist, you can certainly find the right for your partner in the quality selection offered by Valentina Engagement rings

  1. Choose the Right Ride

Choosing the right ride is essential when proposing on a rollercoaster. For example, a haunted house ride doesn’t exactly scream romance. A water ride and rain on your romantic moment. A fast coaster might not allow you enough time to even take the ring out of your pocket. 

Choose a ride that will provide a window of time for you to actually propose. The ideal ride is a coaster that has a slow start. This will give you enough time to whip out the ring and say a few words before you take off. 

  1. Contact the Theme Park

Depending on the size of the theme park, it can help to notify the owners of your plans. Getting in touch with someone at Disney will be near impossible, but a smaller park will be much more accessible. 

By contacting them, you may be able to organise something special such as a sign that you’ll pass on the ride or getting to stop the coaster at a certain point. As the saying goes “Ask, and you shall receive”. 

  1. Record the Moment

Try as best you can to record the moment. Timing the moment you propose to when the ride camera snaps a photo can be tough. Having a friend or photographer film the proposal from another seat on the ride is much easier. 

  1. Don’t Drop the Ring

Roller coasters are fast, bumpy, and full of twists and turns. Basically, they are the perfect environment to lose something valuable – like the engagement ring that you just bought your new fiance. 

So, please, keep a tight hold tightly on to the ring. You can always show her the box and give her the actual ring once you’ve gotten off the ride. 

  1. Check the Weather

Don’t let the weather ruin your proposal! If it’s pouring down with rain, it will be hard enough to convince your partner to get on the roller coaster, let alone propose on it. 

The Ride Ends Here

There you have it thrill-seekers, your complete guide on how to propose on a rollercoaster. Good luck!