Hair extensions have become an increasingly popular fashion choice in recent years as more and more people are interested in varied forms of hairstyling as well as adding volume to their thinning hair.

How I Attach My Clip-In Hair Extensions

As is true for almost everything in this world, the extensions you get can either satisfy you to the fullest or can be a disaster or somewhere in between.

That said, getting most high quality hair extensions costs a fair amount, and therefore you should not compromise on the quality of the extensions you are going to get. Do not worry; you are not expected to be a pro to get the best job done. Keeping a few things in mind is necessary.

●     Choosing the Human Hair Vs. Synthetic Hair Extensions

The best choice is, of course, to go for human hair extensions, as that is the healthiest form of hair used for hairstyling. The advantage of using virgin human hair or Remy hair is its natural look and feel as well as the fact that it will not tangle and is easy to maintain. Synthetic hair extensions are more affordable and durable, but can easily tangle, are not heat-resistant, cannot be dyed and just don’t look or feel as realistic.

●     Shopping For Hair Extensions in A Store Vs on The Internet

Choosing a good quality hair extension set is of utmost importance. This is why many people prefer in-person browsing as compared to online browsing, where you can’t look and feel the hair with your own hands.

If, however, you choose to shop online, then that is fine too, as long as you remember to check the authenticity and credibility of the selling website. Check for reviews of past customers and ratings before you buy, and you should be fine.

●     Selecting Extensions According to Your Lifestyle

There are different types and sizes of extensions, such as 20 inch clip-in hair extensions, tape in hair extensions, semi-permanent and permanent ones. The kind that is ideal for you solely depends on what kind of lifestyle you lead. For example, if you are a very busy person and cannot afford to put a lot of time after your hair every day, then getting permanent ones may not be ideal for you. The clip-on extensions will suit you better.

If you have to run around a lot on a daily basis, then your permanent hair extensions should be of superior quality to prevent tangling. Balancing the pros and cons of buying an extension with the context of your lifestyle is thus very important.

●     Considering Texture and Color

Although these are subjective choices, you should still go for a color that fits in with the color of your actual hair. Otherwise, it will just look out of place and artificial, especially if not blended well. That said, many also go for completely different colored hair as compared to their actual hair because of personal stylistic preferences.

The texture of the hair extensions that you choose should also be compatible with your actual hair. The best course of action, in this case, will be to consult a professional and find yourself the best human hair extensions.

Wrapping Up

With a little extension of the budget, you can choose really good quality human hair extensions. While it might cost you a lot but in the long run, it will serve you well given you take really good care of it.


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