Did you know that in the early 1300s, the first watch was produced? To keep track of the time, the monks constructed the time-keeping piece. Since then, a lot has changed. Continue reading to learn more about the development of watch collecting.

What Drives Watch Collecting?

Watch collecting is a hobby that a lot of people get into because it makes them feel nostalgic. People who collect watches may have fond memories of their grandfather’s pocket watch or may continue to wear the watch that their father gave them. For some people, wearing a watch is a symbol of deference, and it also serves as a reminder to make time for the things and people that are important to them.

Some people appreciate the fashion statements that may be made by watches. The choice of watch that you wear or purchase reveals something about who you are and the values that guide you. What kind of a person do you appear to be based on your watch?

What Do You Call People Who Collect Watches?

Horologists, who specialize in the study of time, are commonly known as watch collectors. This statement can also refer to those who own timepieces of any size or style, from massive wall clocks to delicate wristwatches. It’s possible that you’d be interested in visiting the world’s most famous watch museum, which is located in London. Watch museums may be found all over the world. Both the National Watch and Clock Museum in Columbia, Pennsylvania, and the American Clock and Watch Museum in Bristol, Connecticut, are excellent places to visit if you are interested in clocks and watches.

What Watches Are the Best to Collect?

The answer to this question differs greatly from person to person. Even while watch collectors have unofficial standards, the antique watches you choose to buy are based on your personal choices and the qualities you find most important in a timepiece. However, due to their distinctive qualities, certain watches are noticeably more attractive than others.

There are lots of watch collectors who confer with one another about which antique clocks to buy. As a result, information progressively spreads to the rest of the community, fueling the buzz surrounding particular models. Popularity within the watch industry and globally is a crucial sign that a wristwatch is deserving of a spot in a collector’s collection. The most sought-after timepieces include the following:

  • 1950 Omega Speedmaster
  • 1940 Rectangular-cased Rolex Prince
  • 1933 – 1955 Rolex produced Ovetto, with a rounded case

The way we define a collection today is arbitrary. Yes, there are still classic pieces that will retain their value or appreciate in value over time, but part of the fun of collecting watches is finding a piece you enjoy and one that is comfortable to wear.


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