The luxury watch that you haven’t worn for the past year is just taking up space in your cupboard. The reason for you not wearing it anymore could be either because your taste changed or maybe you got an upgrade. In such a situation, the best thing for you to do is to sell the luxury watch and be in a position either to save some amount or get something new for yourself instead. However, there are certain things that you should keep in your mind whenever you plan on selling a luxury watch.

Things to keep in mind while selling  G Luxe Jewelers Richard Mille watches

  • Own all documents and bills: If the buyer sees that you are in possession of all the documents, invoices and the box of the watch, he’ll offer you a better price. It provides confidence to the buyers and the chances for you getting a higher price increases. The service or the warranty paper that came along with the watch should be included while selling it.
  • Do thorough research: Someone might tell you that because it is an old watch, its value has decreased. However, with growing demand for certain kinds of watches, the price of your old watch might have also increased and therefore, you should enquire about it online and offline so that you can negotiate for the best possible price for your watch.
  • Negotiate and have patience: Just because your watch is old and has few scratches doesn’t mean that its value has degraded a lot. Whenever you set out to sell your watch, do not accept the first offered price. After you have done your research and evaluated the value, ensure that you get an amount somewhere near to it. You can clearly express to the buyer about the value that you are being offered in the market and about your expectation related to the price of the watch.
  • Get recommendations and read reviews online: Make a list of stores and shops that are willing to buy your watch. Furthermore, get a recommendation from your friends, family or colleagues. After you have made a list of potential buyers, read their reviews online and then finalize.

Selling your old luxury watch might not be an easy task if you want to get the most out of it. However, if you carefully follow the above steps, chances for you getting a fair deal will surely increase.