Shoe shopping may seem like a touch-and-try sort of experience, but if you despise going to the store and shopping physically, then you can always shop for women sandals online. This saves you plenty of time and it’s always accessible and compelling. Although it may be a tough job to look for women sandals online and that’s why you are required to remember a few tips to bag yourself the perfect women’s sandals from Metro shoes and we’ve listed a few of them down for you.

  1. Decide the purpose of buying the sandals – You need to first narrow down your preferences by figuring out the intent of purchasing the sandal. Do you want women sandals for a family gathering? Do you need to wear them to the office, or perhaps for daily outings? Also, think about what sort of dress will you be pairing the sandals with. Each of these intentions will need a distinct style of sandals depending on the appropriateness of the outfit. You can opt to wear open-toed heels with a breezy dress, flats for everyday wear, and block heels for family gatherings. It all depends on your preference and the dress you’ll be wearing.
  2. Always go for comfort – This tip is nearly linked to the tip that we’ve mentioned above. Depending on the intent of your visit, know the duration for which you’ll be wearing the sandals, and also think about how you’ll be travelling to the destination, and whether will you be sitting or standing for most of the time. However, opt for a style with arch support, and comfy ankle straps that will keep your feet sturdy and secure if you plan on wearing them for hours.
  3. Know your size – It’s crucial to know your shoe size according to US and UK size systems. Each brand has its system of gauging foot sizes which can make your plans to shop for women sandals go haywire. For this, know your foot size well in centimetres and inches and follow the instructions in the size chart that are given on the website for scaling your foot size. Plus, you can always opt for a size bigger, if you can’t find the right size.
  4. Read the exchange and return policy – This is a major factor to consider while you shop for women’s sandals online. The chances of bagging a perfect size on the initial try while shopping online are preferably slim. In similar circumstances, it’s crucial to first check the exchange and return policy of the online store before you buy the sandals. A few things that you must look for in the policy section involve – 
  1. a) The period for which the exchange and return policy is available after you buy the sandals.
  2. b) The no. of days in which the refund will be initiated to your account after returning the sandals.

Once you’re content with the return and exchange policy of the store, you can go ahead and put the sandals in return and don’t forget to pray that your size isn’t out of stock while swapping it.