A winter wedding can be a magical and romantic affair, with the crisp air, potential snowfall, and the enchanting backdrop of a winter wonderland. However, staying warm and comfortable during a winter celebration requires thoughtful planning and consideration. Furber Farm, a picturesque venue that embraces the beauty of all seasons, including winter, offers insights and tips on how to stay warm and cozy during your winter wedding.

Layered Attire

Embrace the beauty of winter fashion by incorporating layered attire for both the bride, groom and the bridal party. Furber Farm recommends adding shawls, capes, or faux fur stoles to wedding dresses and suits. These not only add a touch of elegance but also provide warmth when the temperatures drop. Consider long-sleeved dresses, thermal undergarments, or cozy cardigans for a stylish yet practical choice.

Comfortable Footwear

Keep your feet warm and comfortable with appropriate footwear. Furber Farm suggests choosing closed-toe shoes or boots, especially if your winter wedding involves walking through snow or chilly temperatures. Consider warm socks or even thermal insoles to add an extra layer of insulation. For outdoor ceremonies or photo sessions, having a pair of stylish boots can be both practical and chic.

Blankets and Throws

Provide blankets and throws for your guests to stay warm during outdoor ceremonies or receptions. Furber Farm can help coordinate the placement of cozy blankets strategically, ensuring that guests can easily access them and wrap themselves in warmth. Opt for blankets that match your wedding color scheme, or choose neutral tones for a timeless and rustic feel.

Heated Outdoor Spaces

If your winter wedding involves outdoor elements, consider incorporating heated outdoor spaces. Furber Farm offers options such as fire pits, outdoor heaters, or even cozy bonfires. These additions not only provide warmth but also create a cozy and inviting atmosphere for guests to gather and enjoy the winter ambiance.

Warm Beverages and Treats

Keep your guests toasty from the inside out with warm beverages and treats. Furber Farm suggests setting up a hot chocolate or mulled wine station, complete with marshmallows, whipped cream, and cinnamon sticks. For an added touch, consider serving warm appetizers or a winter-themed dessert table featuring comfort treats like spiced pies, cookies, or warm apple cider donuts.

Winter-Ready Decor

Embrace winter-themed decor that adds warmth and charm to your celebration. Furber Farm recommends incorporating elements like candles, fairy lights, and rustic lanterns for a cozy ambiance. Consider seasonal florals, pinecones, and evergreen branches to infuse the venue with winter magic while maintaining a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Indoor Ceremonies and Receptions

Consider hosting your ceremony and reception indoors to ensure a comfortable and warm environment for both the couple and guests. Furber Farm’s indoor spaces, including a historic barn, offer a rustic and charming backdrop while providing shelter from winter’s chill. This option allows you to enjoy the winter aesthetic without sacrificing comfort.

Personalized Blankets as Favors

Delight your guests with personalized blankets or shawls as wedding favors. Furber Farm can assist in coordinating this thoughtful touch, allowing guests to take home a cozy memento of your special day. Personalized favors add a personalized and functional element to your wedding while ensuring everyone stays warm.

Cozy Lounge Areas

Create cozy lounge areas with comfortable seating and plush cushions. Furber Farm’s team can help design and arrange lounge spaces with stylish and comfortable furniture. This provides guests with an inviting area to relax, socialize, and stay warm throughout the celebration.

Winter Wedding Photography Tips

Work with your photographer to capture the beauty of your winter wedding while staying warm. Furber Farm suggests having a backup indoor location for photographs, using natural light to your advantage, and incorporating cozy props like blankets or umbrellas for a whimsical touch. This ensures that you get stunning winter photos without compromising your comfort.

Choose Furber Farm!

A winter wedding at Furber Farm can be a magical and heartwarming experience with the right preparations. By embracing layered attire, providing blankets, incorporating heated outdoor spaces, and offering warm beverages and treats, you can create a cozy atmosphere for you and your guests. Furber Farm’s commitment to providing picturesque and accommodating wedding venues in Minnesota ensures that your winter wedding is not only beautiful but also warm and unforgettable.