When browsing for diamond rings, especially when buying your Black Diamonds rings online, you might wonder what diamond shape will look best on your hand. All diamonds are beautiful, but some settings and shapes will draw attention to your hand and best features more than others.

You must first grasp the range of forms that are available for your size of hand and fingers before choosing which of the possibilities is best for you. Along the way, you can find out more about the shapes commonly used by jewelry designers and where those shapes originate from.

A Universal Choice That Stands the Test of Time

A round diamond is the most typical type of diamond. Round diamonds always look wonderful, no matter the size of your hand or the length of your fingers. Round diamonds have been favored for a long time. The solitaire diamond, one of the most popular settings for engagement rings, is also all around the diamond.

Because there are no additional gems to distract from the diamond’s sparkle, the main stone of a solitaire ring receives greater attention as it adorns this traditional band. The solitaire is a classic choice in terms of ring styles. The most common proposal style is straightforward, and for a good reason: a thin band’s elegance, whether conventional, split-shoulder or more modern, ensures that the single diamond’s brilliance is the genuine focus point. The most popular diamond shape for engagement rings is a brilliant round diamond, which is frequently used in solitaire rings.

Diamond Shapes for Little Hands and Shorter Fingers

You want the diamond ring you choose to compliment you, just like your wardrobe does, especially if you have small hands and fingers. It’s important to note that smaller stones work well as quick replacements. Similar to how this hand benefits from skinny bands. The best selections are ones that give the appearance that your fingers are longer. Consider utilizing diamonds in pear, oval, or marquise shapes to give the impression that your fingers are longer.

You might be shocked to learn how old some gemstone forms are if you think that these are more contemporary cuts, particularly the pear shape. Modern jewelry designers now include pear-shaped diamonds in their creative creations. Although it can seem very contemporary, the diamond shape’s history can be traced back to Flanders in the middle of the fourteenth century.

The scaife, the wheel for polishing diamonds, was only invented in 1475 by Flemish (modern-day Belgium) diamond cutter Lodewyk van Bercken. His ground-breaking design would forever alter the way diamonds are cut. By creating the polishing wheel, he was able to perfectly position facets on a diamond rough, paving the way for the ultimate production of exquisite diamond cuts. In that same year, he also produced the first pear-shaped diamond in history.

Diamond Shapes for Hands with Wider Fingers

You can wear larger bands than someone with smaller fingers if you have wide fingers. A wider band is actually better because a narrow one will make your finger appear wider than it is.

Oval and emerald cuts look best on wider fingers. It could be a terrific alternative if you find a three-stone setting that you love. The finest way to wear an oval or emerald cut is with larger fingers.

The table cut from the fifteenth century has aesthetic roots in one of the oldest diamond shapes, the emerald cut. Stonecutters first created this shape for emerald stones. Because it reduces cutting pressure and guards against stone chips, the emerald cut is quite popular. Diamond cutters began adopting this new shape to other diamonds as soon as they became aware of it.

The name “emerald cut” was originally used when the cut became fashionable in the 1920s. The emergence of art deco, a design famed for its symmetry and clean lines, had an impact on the emerald-cut trend. Emerald cuts have remained a popular choice ever since for engagement rings and other jewelry pieces.

Diamond Shapes for Thin Hands or Long Fingers

The most options for diamond shapes are available to those with long fingers and thin palms. To avoid making your fingers appear overly long or too short, you should experiment with the bandwidth, though. People with extended fingers and palms appear particularly appealing wearing jewelry with round and princess-cut stones. You might even manage to get away with a bolder style if your personality fits it.

The French Cut, which originated in the 18th century, was influenced by the table cut, which first appeared in the 14th century. With time, cutters gained a better comprehension of the relationships between a diamond’s facet arrangement and angle relationships. It’s unclear when the term “princess cut diamonds” initially appeared. Some diamond historians assert that it started in the 1960s. Princess-cut diamonds had garnered many fervent lovers by the 1980s.

Square Finger and Hands – Diamond Shape Options

The best option for this hand is the tapered band. If your hand and fingers are more square-shaped than those of those with larger fingers, you should refrain from wearing wide bands.

Diamonds in the pear and marquise shapes will lengthen your fingers on square hands just like they do on shorter fingers. Even wider settings, like the popular antique settings, might not be the greatest option for you.

Marquise cut diamonds do have a devoted following of admirers who like this cut of stone in their diamond jewelry, despite not being as widely known as princess cut or brilliant round diamonds.

Many individuals may not be aware of the history of this diamond cut. In the eighteenth century, French King Luis XV asked for a diamond to be fashioned to resemble the lips of the Marquise de Pompadour, whom he adored. The cut that came about as a result of this desire is known as the Marquise cut.

Jewelers sporadically designate this shape as a Navette cut. In the 1400s, diamonds were a popular gemstone in jewelry worn by royalty. It is among the numerous variations of cuts that have developed over time. A marquise-cut stone is best described as an oval stone with points on each end.


When looking for a diamond ring to showcase your hands, keep these tips in mind. Jewelry should enhance your appearance and make you feel wonderful. Keep these suggestions in mind when looking for a diamond ring to adorn your finger and flaunt, and click here if you have any additional queries.