Blue and black shirts aren’t exactly the most exciting of choices. Regardless, they are certainly one of your most reliable closet items, capable of getting you through hectic Mondays, late nights at the keyboard, and more Friday hangovers than most people care to acknowledge.

So maybe it’s time to stop ignoring these basics and start treating them like the shield they are: a shield against the mind-numbing 9-5s and a grown-up comfort blanket that helps you work overtime on weekends.

But, you might be wondering, how do you keep these straightforward menswear pieces looking fresh? You’ll be able to wear them with anything, wherever, after some simple alteration and a little styling expertise.

How To Style The Black Shirt For Men

all the colours that have ever trended have been compared to black. “Purple is the new Black” or “Red is the new Black”, so on and so forth. Why is that? It’s because black as a colour carries all the traits one could ask for. It’s sexy, sober, functional, accessible and goes well with anything and almost on all occasions, a feat no other colour can pull off. Here’s how you can use this colour to your advantage.

The combination of black and black is perfect.

Black shirts go well with other black pieces of clothing. Layer it beneath a black jacket or a tailored trench over a pair of stylish trousers or sleek black jeans. To complete the look, black shoes are essential for the ultimate in gothic elegance.

Black and dark colours are appreciated, yet they are not welcome.

Combining dark tones of red, blue, brown, and even green with black dress shirts creates a comical, even cartoonish aesthetic that gives the wearer a little infantile vibe – not the look you want in good company.

How To Style The Blue Shirt For Men

A blue shirt is a significant addition to your wardrobe, and it pairs well with blue jeans, dark denim, tan or green chinos, and even grey pants in today’s menswear. The ideal blue shirt radiates mystery, being distinct enough to set you apart from your peers while being classy enough to wear every day.

Pair it with your grey suit.

For days when you want to look flawlessly elegant without venturing too far from conventional fashion, pair your basic blue shirt with a grey suit. Both black and brown accessories would work well with the classic style. When it comes to tying a tie, a darker shade of blue that compliments your shirt is all that’s required.

Or a pair of shorts.

Before the weather turns colder, make the most of your shorts. Pair your blue shirt with linen or cotton shorts for a more laid-back style. White or beige with light blue is a lovely summer colour palette. With boat shoes and a belt as accessories, keep things simple.

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